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At Rosalind, we believe that coffee is about people. Amazing people. Just like you. Our name comes from one such amazing person – the grandmother of one of our founders. She taught us what it means to care, love and show kindness to others. We choose to stand by these principles as we serve superior specialty coffee that never compromises.

Coffee is not just a morning pick-me-up. It’s not just the warm cup in your hands or the aroma that never gets old. It’s about the person you’re sitting with while you drink it. It’s about the farmer who nurtured a tree that produced a fruit that was bundled in burlap and shipped across the world to a roaster who carefully roasted that bean so that you can enjoy a daily ritual that billions around the world savor.




Rosalind Coffee is in endless pursuit of the perfect cup of coffee. We selectively choose the farms and work directly with coffee farmers all over the world to bring the very best coffee to you. Each batch of green coffee beans are roasted to perfection and sent straight from our roasting facility to the coffee shop. We choose varieties of beans that bring out different flavors like blueberry, almond, and chocolate. Please ask about this!

We have a passion for great coffee and sharing that with others. We want every coffee drinker to know how delicious great coffee can be.
That is why we do this.



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